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FITS Ltd has extensive experience and expertise in conducting and coordinating investigations for private and public-sector agencies and individuals. We conduct joint investigations with law enforcement agencies and act as expert witnesses in the lower and higher Courts in Ireland and worldwide. We also work closely with the investigation teams of multi-national companies around the world to coordinate investigative solutions including advanced interviewing techniques, surveillance techniques and investigation methods. Our investigation service includes providing an evidence-based report to enable our clients’ decision making and recommendations for further actions.

Much has been learned in recent years about “what works”. We provide an evidence-based alternative to the more traditional, less effective approach to investigations. Placing the interactions between witnesses, experts or wrong-doers at the centre of the process, our collaborative approach is based on 4 key pillars:

  • Cooperation – based on a systematic understanding of rapport
  • Elicitation of information – via effective interviewing and questioning techniques
  • Strategic gathering and use of evidence and information
  • Credibility assessments – based on a cognitive approach to evaluating truthfulness.

Who will benefit from our Investigations

  • Public and private sector organisations with compliance, regulatory or enforcement functions
  • Companies with internal or external Brand Protection Investigation requirements
  • Lawyers with civil and criminal investigation and prosecution functions.
  • Human Resource Departments with responsibility for internal investigations
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Organisations and individuals whose roles involve fact finding investigations

Fraud Investigation

We conduct and coordinate fact-finding investigations including:

  • Employee misappropriation;
  • Corporate misconduct;
  • Corruption;
  • Regulatory breaches;
  • Financial irregularity

We develop solutions in consultation with the client to identify and secure information and evidence and develop case management systems in order to support regulatory civil and criminal proceedings. We conduct risk assessments to reduce client exposure and mitigate against further risk.

Brand Protection

We specialise in Brand Protection Investigation and work closely with national and multi-national clients in Ireland and abroad to ensure that the integrity of their brand is not compromised. Where issues already exist, we work with our clients to mitigate risk and identify appropriate solutions.

We understand the need for companies to protect their intellectual property and we provide a professional, bespoke service designed for our clients’ individual needs.

In addition, where appropriate, we conduct joint investigations with law enforcement agencies and provide expert witness testimony in the lower and higher Courts in Ireland and elsewhere. We also train the clients’ Investigators to conduct Brand Protection investigations following best practice and ensuring compliance with relevant legal parameters.

Ethics and Workplace Breaches

We provide bespoke investigative solutions to support your business in ensuring workplace compliance with issues relating to ethics, discipline and related matters. We enable fact-finding investigations, difficult workplace conversations and conflict resolution. In addition, we provide a concise, evidence-driven report to support decision making or civil and criminal proceedings.

Sports Integrity Investigation

FITS Ltd Sports Integrity Investigation service is focussed on meeting the needs of the Sports Sector in the challenges involved with safeguarding their sport. We conduct investigations into allegations of misconduct and breaches of Ethics/Discipline code.  We produce a report to support decision making and provide evidence for any formal Ethics or Disciplinary hearing.

Our expertise in sporting analysis helps us to identify and document incidents of underperformance, indicative of match manipulation and allows our clients to make a more informed decision in relation to possible further action.

Due Diligence

We have the expertise to undertake a bespoke Due Diligence Investigation aimed at assessing the track record and reputation of key players in any potential deal. We provide a comprehensive dossier of intelligence and information to help inform decision-making.

Companies, large and small, often require a due diligence investigation done on their behalf. This includes an examination of operations and management and the verification of relevant details that allows the client to make an informed, fact-based decision. This, in turn, allows them to proceed with confidence.