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Investigative Interviewing: The Essentials – Online Workshop

cpd standards officeInvestigative interviewing is a vital strategy in all investigations and enquiries. Interviewing is a core skill for professional investigations.

This 12-hour programme, delivered online, is specifically designed to enable participants to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to plan and conduct investigative interviews or workplace meetings. Participants will gain an insight into leading practice approaches for interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects, and gain first-hand experience of developing an interview plan. It is tailored for professionals tasked with gathering accurate, reliable information or managing difficult workplace conversations.

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Who should attend

This workshop will be of interest to Compliance and Regulatory Investigators, HR Professionals, Legal Professionals, Child Welfare Professionals, Private Investigators, Law Enforcement Professionals and Auditors.

Course design

This fully online, practical course uses a blend of online resources, social learning and virtual classroom delivered over three phases of learning.

  • Phase 1 comprises 10-hours of independent learning delivered via instructional videos.
  • Phase 2 comprises 120-minutes social learning.
  • Phase 3 comprises 2 x 120-minute virtual classroom sessions.

Participants will actively work on developing their own interview plan and finding solutions to interviewing challenges.

On completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

    • Adhere to an ethical approach to conducting interviews
    • Plan and organise an investigative interview
    • Apply a structured approach to investigative interviews
    • Apply basic concepts and theories to manage and motivate an interviewee during an investigative interview
    • Apply relevant knowledge and skills in investigative interviewing contexts
    • Communicate effectively during an investigative interview
    • Question effectively during an investigative interview
    • Resolve problems and manage conflict during an investigative interview
  • Manage and present evidence effectively during an investigative interview
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